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Umm Hi, okay this is so awkward, I always confuse if I have to write down about my profile, so i'm sorry if it's  a lil' bit awkward.
So I'll write down a little bit about myself. My Name is C. Clarissa .I., or you just can call me Rissa. I'm really no extraordinary girl, just an ordinary university student, daughter, and a sister nothing less and nothing more. I'm currently study in Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China, majoring in Medical. I am a 1st children of a family, and I have 2 adorable younger sisters. Oh yeah and I am an Indonesian. And I love my family so much, they're the reason I still want to live today. 
So basically my cooking teacher is My late mum (yes, she's just passed away several month ago ._.) My father and my grandma. But still my biggest teacher and inspiration is my mum, she is the most amazing woman in this world, and I miss her and her food so much.
Well maybe it's kinda a weird for someone who majoring in Medical and suddenly come out with cooking blog. Well apparently it's my passion lately, I've been more into cooking than study, and it's really make me happy. And since my mum gone, no one that really make a nice and decent food anymore in family so I decided to take over, trying to cook what my mum use to cook, and improve it. 
I actually never cook with a measure, I just put everything and If I think it's good than it's done.

And for me happiness is as simple as hear my family say that my food is delicious and it taste like mum cooks. But no one beat her.

So i thinks it's enough and i hope you like reading my post.



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