Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review : Yu Zhi Sushi Restaurant 鱼旨寿司

So on my 3rd post I'm gonna write down about my experience eating sushi in Yuzhi Sushi Restaurant, Chongqing, China. 
Last Thursday, a new section of Times Paradise Walk Mall in Chongqing are open, and to celebrate it, the restaurant inside give a privilege of 50% off of all restaurant, so who want to miss this chance? So on friday, me and my friend are trying this newly open sushi restaurant called "Yuzhi Sushi", well i don't know the meaning of Yuzhi itself so i just write down the romanization here.
The restaurant itself is small , i think they only have like 15 sit or something, not like other restaurant inside the mall that have a very long queue, we thought that this restaurant is not to full, so we went inside and been by the cashier that we have to go to the front because it have a waiting list. So we take our queue number, and it was 12. When we ask what number right now, the waiter said it was number 2. We quite depressed that time, because we are super duper hungry ^---^. So we decided to buy some milk tea because we can pass out if we don't put something into our stomach.

Just 5 minute when we comeback, the waiter called our number, so we sit in the sushi bar, just in front of the chef. 
When we look into the menu, we're quite confused, they have a lot of dishes but there is no picture, so we decided to choose the on that have recommended sign beside it. After several minutes, the first one is served.

Ta-da... Unagi Hand-roll and Tobiko Hand-roll

Actually I order sea urchin (uni) hand-roll, but they have no stock, so I change my hand-roll to tobiko one. So i try mine and.I must say that this is so good, well i only compare to what i eat in Chongqing, and the seaweed is super crispy, the amount of the rice they put inside is just right and not to much, the apple and cucumber slice bring the fresh and yet sweet taste, and they put quite lot of mayonnaise inside and yes, I am in love with their hand-roll. 

Yes so this is the 2nd sushi that come out, I actually forgot the name of this one, I think it was Princess Roll, well let's just skip the name, so they call this kind of roll as a American Fushion Roll, this one is top with a fish (kinda forget what fish), scallion and sriracha sauce. And for the filling it have salmon, cucumber and shredded shrimp, and it drizzle with some kind of sauce, i think it's a sweet soy sauce. The taste is okay, but nothing special for me.

Once again I forgot the name of this roll, this roll is topped with unagi, and there is a cheese, and tuna inside. Just like the other roll, there is nothing special about this one but it better than the previous one though.

Salmon sushi, Grilled Salmon Sushi, Grilled Tuna Sushi

And this is it, the last one, this is actually 3 portion, the bottom one is a simple Salmon Nigiri, the middle one is grilled salmon and the first one is grilled tuna. 
Yes this 3 sushi is the simplest one, yet this is the main course of the day. I am in love with their grilled tuna, they are so tender, and just melt in your mouth. The grilled salmon also the same, yes I am in sushi heaven. Even the simple salmon nigiri is so good, their salmon is not fishy and sweet, so good. I really recommended this 3 if you come. The rice is also not too much , just perfect. I definitely come back for this.

Taste : 8/10
Price : 9/10
Place : 7/10
Service : 8/10

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Asian Style 'Aglio Olio'

Hi, today I will post my recipe. I love to eat this food especially when I'm just to lazy to cook something too hard, and you can basically toast everything inside to make it better. My late mum use to make it for me before she's passed away , and i basically hooked up over this recipe so i keep making it and doing improvisation her and there.

Ingredients :

100gr of Angel Hair Pasta (or Spaghetti)
3 cloves garlic (chopped roughly)
2 big Shitake mushroom (Julienne)
1/4 cup of chopped pepper (red)
2 bird eye's chilly, chopped (optional)
1 Tbsp ketchup
1 Tbsp chilly sauce 
1/2 Tsp of dry mix herb
1/2 Tsp of lemon zest
2 Tbsp of olive oil 
2 Tbsp of water
Smoked Salmon (optional)
1 Egg
Cherry Tomato (for garnish)
Salt and Pepper for taste

Steps :

1. In a pot, boiled the pasta in the water than been add oil and salt according to your pasta instruction, after cook, drain and set aside, take a cup of the pasta water.
2. On a low medium heat, heat the pan and add the olive oil, wait until hot and add garlic and chilly, cook until the garlic turn into light brown then add the paprika and Shitake , cook for a minute.
3. Add ketchup and chilly sauce, stir all the ingredients until well mix, add water, then add salt and pepper for taste.
4. Taste it, if you think the taste is already enough add the pasta and mix well, after all mix, remove from heat than add the dry herb mix and lemon zest, stir again until all perfectly mix.
5. On other pan, boiled water to almost boiling then lower the heat, add the egg, and and wait until the egg yolk covered with the white part. I love to eat my egg half done, but if you don't like it just cook it for a little longer in a low heat, or just simply fry it.
6. Put a pasta in a bowl, prepare the salmon and put the salmon and the egg on the top of the pasta.
7. Garnish with a Cherry Tomato
8. Ready to Serve 

It's basically so easy, i usually don't measure my cooks so you can do improvement to your own recipe, :)
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Good day everyone, I wish you all have an amazing day.
So today is my first post in this new blogs, this blog is still messy and i'm still fixing a lot of things and i have a lot of things i don't really understand so i believe it will take time to make this blog comfortable to see XD.
So i love to eat and I love to cook my own food even more, I'm not a chef , not a professional cooker, I'm just a university student that live far away from home and love to eat home cooking food.
I hope you love my page.

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